Testimony from Marc Kalain

Hi! My name is Mark, I’m 25 and I come from Italia. I arrived in London 4 months ago. A friend of mine let me sleep in his sofa during a week, the time that I find my own place. First, I thought about having my own flat. After having taken a look on the price, I changed my mind very quickly. It was sure; I was going to live in a house sharing.

blog1I started to search online in different website like Gumtree and Spareroom. I visited 5 rooms before to finally find something suitable. My agency is called AB-Flatmate and so far they have been very quick to react when we had some trouble with our shower.


Regarding the house, I cannot complain, everything was there! The kitchen was full furnished: microwave, kettle, fridge, freezer crockery, utensil, plate, saucepan, everything. We also had an iron, an ironing board and a washing machine. In comparison with the place I have seen before, it was much better. Plus, we had a Wifi connexion already settle which is very convenient.

I was a bit scared at the beginning to live in house sharing as I have never lived with anyone else except my parents. Finally, it is a really good experience. I have met some lovely people. My housemates are English, French and German. We get along really well. We eat together at least 2 days per week and often go for drinks after work near to our house. I won’t say that I am bilingual but I think I’m able to keep a conversation with a native.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn English quickly and who does not want to feel lonely!

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