Why choose house sharing?

There are many reasons to choose the house sharing in London


  1. As we know, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of the rent represents the biggest expense for the Londoners. This is why for many years the youth who come to live in the capital choose to share their house in order to save a lot of money. Indeed, the rent of the house is divided by the amount of tenants.
  2. All the bills are included in the price of the rent meaning that you do not have the bad surprise to receive an extremely high unexpected bill. Plus, you are sure to always have a warm place to live during all the winter. Not bad right?
  3. It is the best way to fight against the loneliness. To arrive in such a big city can be a bit disturbing. Here, your housemates will be there to welcome you. Moreover, they can be as a second family in some cases.
  4. They can provide you tip like: where is the best place to go shopping, where is the cheapest fish and chips in the neighborhood… Like this, you keep saving money.
  5. London is a multicultural city where live people from all over the word. The house sharing is the best way to discover new cultures: in most of the houses, more than 3 different cultures live together.
  6. For those who do not like to cook, you might have the chance to have a very good cooker in the room next to yours who might be pleased to make you discover his favourite dish. Even more: you may have the pleasure to eat Indian food on Monday, Italian on Tuesday…
  7. All the tenants share the cleaning tasks so you will not have to clean your kitchen or bathroom every two days.
  8. Finally, it will help you to learn how to live in community.

Testimony from Marc Kalain

Hi! My name is Mark, I’m 25 and I come from Italia. I arrived in London 4 months ago. A friend of mine let me sleep in his sofa during a week, the time that I find my own place. First, I thought about having my own flat. After having taken a look on the price, I changed my mind very quickly. It was sure; I was going to live in a house sharing.

blog1I started to search online in different website like Gumtree and Spareroom. I visited 5 rooms before to finally find something suitable. My agency is called AB-Flatmate and so far they have been very quick to react when we had some trouble with our shower.


Regarding the house, I cannot complain, everything was there! The kitchen was full furnished: microwave, kettle, fridge, freezer crockery, utensil, plate, saucepan, everything. We also had an iron, an ironing board and a washing machine. In comparison with the place I have seen before, it was much better. Plus, we had a Wifi connexion already settle which is very convenient.

I was a bit scared at the beginning to live in house sharing as I have never lived with anyone else except my parents. Finally, it is a really good experience. I have met some lovely people. My housemates are English, French and German. We get along really well. We eat together at least 2 days per week and often go for drinks after work near to our house. I won’t say that I am bilingual but I think I’m able to keep a conversation with a native.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn English quickly and who does not want to feel lonely!